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How to start get a Exchange-Trade in Our Garage

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

How to start

  1. Bags are required today. Then, find out more about "sell by mail" on our blog!

  2. Sell clothes for cash (at the store)

  3. Using Our garage-exchange to recycle dirt in your closet is a great way to improve your environment while earning some extra cash or replacing it with a new one. If you want to sell clothes and accessories that are no longer in use, simply bring them to the local exchange OUR GARAGE -SOTE - OUR buyers will be happy to take a look!

  4. How to sell clothes at OUR GARAGE- Exchange

  5. 1. Bring your clothes we buy 7 days a week from open to closed. No appointment required - just remember to bring a valid government id such as a driver's license or passport (adult if you are under 18).

  6. 2. Get paid without waiting for your items to be sold! For any item we are able to purchase, we will specify a sale price for which you will receive 30% cash or 50% store credit on site.

  7. 3. Trade! Although you can always withdraw cash after the clothes are sold, now is a good time to shop. If you don't see anything during the visit, but you still want to keep the payment in the transaction, don't worry. We can put it on a trade card that never expires and can be used anywhere.


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