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you can change other's life

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

People say, "A woman's wardrobe is always missing a piece of clothing."

Always buy and buy, please find a good home for your old love (that is, the item). We invite you to our garage. We help you (avoid waste and idle products), never let things go to waste, so that each item can get the maximum utilization, so that idle products have a second life.

"Teaching people to fish is worse than teaching people to fish. It is not a new opportunity to give alms."

do you know? An idle product can change your life and other people's income, thereby recycling benefits. You will be proud of yourself and help others to feel good about you.

If you have a worry-free life, please sell us intact items. We work together to help those in need, not alms. We do n’t take profit as the main purpose. We set up affordable stores so that everyone can sell them. Affordable, our garage offers many job opportunities by hiring people who need work to work in the store.

Our outbound items will be sorted, repackaged, sterilized, cleaned or donated to charities, most of which will be sold in Our Garage stores, and some of them will be distributed to online platforms.

When you come to Our Garage, you will find surprises. For $ 20, you can buy a pair of accessories, a coat, a cowboy, a pair of shoes and a gift for some one who you LOVE .

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